IKEA custom wardrobe fitting service & IKEA fitted bedrooms Custom Installation

IKEA PAX Wardrobe and BESTA customisation services

Our innovative IKEA PAX Wardrobe customisation service is the first (and we believe only) one of it’s kind.

We can customise your IKEA PAX wardrobe to perfectly fit your space. Giving you that fully fitted bedroom look.

Width / Height / Depth Cutdowns | Infills & Surrounds | Angle Cutting | Premium Finish

Width / Height / Depth reduction – Cut downs

  • PAX Frame Cut Down Service – for rooms with lower ceilings or alcoves
  • Hinged wardrobe door cut down service – we can reduce the height and width of your hinged door. (Unfortunately it is not possible to cut hinged mirror doors).
  • Metal sliding door cut down service (yes, we can cut the mirror panels on sliders but not the glass panels).
  • We offer a depth reduction service for smaller rooms. If we take a few centimetres off the back of the wardrobe, you can reclaim some much needed floor space. It can make a huge difference to the space in your room.
  • Width reduction. We can cut down your PAX sliding door or hinged door wardrobe to fit into a smaller gap for a stunning wall to wall effect.
  • Sliding wardrobe doors onto corner wardrobe doors closed
  • Sliding wardrobe doors onto corner wardrobe doors open

Width / Height – In Fills & Surrounds

Infills and surrounds give you that fully fitted look, creating an elegant finish to your wardrobes.

  • We can in-fill the height of your wardrobe with a surround at the top of the wardrobe, to make it fit floor to ceiling seamlessly.
  • We can in-fill the width of your wardrobe, with a surround at the side of the wardrobe, to make it fit seamlessly wall to wall.


  • Unflatpack-fully-fitted-wardrobes-customisations-Infills and surrounds

Eave storage, sloping ceilings – Angle cutting

  • Eaves custom fit. We install wardrobes in rooms with sloping roofs. Neat solutions for loft conversions or around a beam or rafter.
  • Cutting to fit over radiators, existing pipework or to provide access to plug sockets.
  • IKEA PAX fully fitted wardrobe angle cut for sloping ceiling Unflatpack

IKEA Premium Look Service

Upon request, we can make the interior of your flatpack wardrobe look as good as any high end wardrobe on the market.

We reverse the side panels, so that you won’t see any of the factory shelf holes that would normally appear in each internal panel. We then custom drill the holes you need to your custom specification.

This gives your wardrobe internal side panels a flawless finish.  

For alcove wardrobes, you will need to purchase an end panel.

  • IKEA-PAX-Custom-Wardrobe-Premium-Finish
  • IKEA PAX Wardrobe - Premium Finish No drill holes

Above storage doors

Increase your storage space above your wardrobe.

We can create a storage solution to go above your existing wardrobe. This will be made to measure and to  match your existing doors.

We can create multiple doors or a single door so that you can utilise the space above your wardrobe. This above storage solution can be retro fitted.

Retro fitting

We can retro fit your existing IKEA PAX wardrobe to give you that fully fitted look. With the following customisations:

  • Width / Height Depth Reduction
  • In-fills / Surrounds
  • Angle Cutting
  • Scribing
  • Above Storage doors

Coving and skirting and picture rails

We remove cornice and skirting boards and picture rails to make your wardrobe flush to the wall.

The units are then securely fixed back to the wall with the correct fixings we supply

Besta – media centre fully fitted

Premium IKEA Besta media installation: Professional, premium installation extras service not currently offered as standard. 

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Customised flatpack pricing

IKEA PAX Customisations are priced individually based on your requirements. 

Average PAX Customisation Costs

  • Average Pax full mirror door slider, 236 x 150cm from IKEA: “product price” £600.
    (6 drawers 4 shelves and 2 rails)
  • Cost for Unflatpack to Assemble with Infills down both sides and above for a fully fitted look, £421
  • Your Total cost (including product cost) JUST £1,021

Things that will impact the price include: Eaves storage, cut downs, in fills, custom handles, custom interiors, premium finish.

Some example items:

  • Basic cutdown per frame: £40
  • Infill for side or wardrobe x 1: £50
  • Above infill for each hinged door area: £40
  • Above infill for 150cm slider: £150
  • Set up 1 off charge for custom work: £50

Check out our case studies for inspiration »

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Why choose Unflatpack?

  • Attentive customer service
  • We were the first and are the only company customising IKEA furniture
  • Excellent value for money
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Flawless finish
  • Experienced, trained installers
  • 1 year warranty on our installation work

Why choose Unflatpack?

  • Attentive customer service
  • We were the first and are the only company customising IKEA furniture
  • Excellent value for money
  • Quality craftsmanship
  • Flawless finish
  • Experienced, trained installers
  • 1 year warranty on our installation work

Customer feedback

  • Awesome Awesome Awesome

    Awesome Awesome Awesome. Delighted I found this company. I had gathered several quotes for a built in wardrobe and couldn’t accept the price would be so high. After 6 months I discovered Unflatpack. Their price was far below any other I could find. Denver helped arrange a time and talked me through anything I should be aware of. I had planned what wardrobes I would buy for them to customise to fit the sloping roof. Denver called to advise me to make a couple of alterations to what I was buying. Cosmin then came and built and customised them. He came with his own hoover! I am delighted with the results and will absolutely be using this company again. 

    Google review
  • Finished installation looks amaazing

    Denver and Alex did a fantastic job. We had a lot of wardrobes built and installed, There was some customisation needed and filling in which was done very well indeed.

    Communication before, during and after was excellent. Denver and Alex arrived on time and worked really hard to get everything done. Attention to detail was great and the finished installation looks amazing.

    We will definitely use Unflatpack again.

    Google review
  • Bespoke wardrobes for a fraction of the cost

    Amazing service! I now have a full wall of made to measure, bespoke looking wardrobes for a tiny fraction of the cost for ‘true’ made to measure. Denver and Alex not only worked tirelessly to get the look I wanted despite wonky walls and ceiling, they were a pleasure to have around. Thank you so much!

    Google review
  • Fantastic modification

    Fantastic modification and fitting of the wardrobes. They look great, thanks!